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Quick Start

This web application takes results from VarSim VCFcompare and displays them in an interactive plot. For instructions on how to run VCFcompare please see [add link]

Steps for basic usage

  1. Run VCFcompare to generate one or more .json files that contains the variant accuracy results.
  2. Click "Add data sets" (above) and select the .json files you would like to compare.
  3. The resulting plots generated are grouped by the type of variant.

Types of variants

  • SNP — Simple SNP.
  • Insertion — Simple insertion.
  • Deletion — Simple deletion.
  • Inversion — Simple inversion of reference sequence.
  • TandemDup — Tandem duplication or other type of duplication
  • InterDup — Interspersed duplication (copy-and-paste translocation included)
  • Translocation — Cut-and-paste translocation
  • Complex — All other types of variants, including MNPs

Validation Methodology

Will add this once paper is out...

VarSim — Variant Compare

Display results for variant comparison.

Please read the help before use.

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